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Jim's Audited Records

Dear Traveler,

I am a firm believer that everyone’s personal finances and net worth are a private matter of concern only to them, their family, or their organization. Right up until the point where they are asking you or me to make a time or money decision based on their advice, expertise, or experience.

The best advice I have ever received on the subject of advice is quite simply, “Never take advice from anyone who doesn’t have what you want.” This would include fat diet doctors, out-of-shape workout trainers, lawyers who are currently incarcerated, disheveled tailors, and anyone else who doesn’t walk the proverbial talk.

Before you read anyone’s book, listen to their speech, take their course, or pay for their advice, be sure that they have what you want. Anyone who is not a millionaire is not a good guide to help you become a millionaire. Either they don’t know how to get there, or it’s not a priority in their life. In either case, it makes them a poor person for you to follow on your quest to become a millionaire.

It’s easy for anyone to make the kinds of statements I have just made, and many self-appointed experts who don’t have the price of bus fare constantly make similar claims. For this reason, I have made arrangements with the certified public accounting firm that has handled all of my personal and business tax returns and accounting for two decades. They have independently reviewed and verified these statements as shown below.

To Your Success,

Jim Stovall

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